Our Story

Carp Basics 

Joff -

Our journey began throughout Covid as an idea and a dream. Myself and Joe both keen anglers, with carp fishing in our blood. Set off with one goal, simplify carp fishing again, bring it back to basics, starting with bait. 


I spent some time growing up in a family fishing shop back in the 90's. Around the smells and flavours of all the bait being made. From hemp to boilies, so I knew where to begin. 


We came up with 2 simple boilies ranges to start, a nut based boilie and a fish meal. All Nut & Red Lobster Crunch were born. Initially after months of us and our family driven anglers of testing, we started selling our bait through word and mouth whilst creating social medias. With customers catch reports, and us catching as much as we could, we knew it wasn't enough. Joe began building a website and i got to work looking for team members which believed in our cause towards angling to help promote our products.  This proved invaluable with the team members really helping to push and share their catches with there social audiences. 


A year later and with the demand of new products, we got to work on designing and developing a new range. I took inspiration from a classic bait i used in the early 2000's. It was based off a fruity fishmeal and then created as Oceans Fruits. This has become by far our best seller with 100's of PB's being broken on so many varied lakes by our customers, team and even my PB was broke 3 times using Oceans Fruits. 


Carp Basics wasn't born just for bait, we wanted to be more. So we introduced a  clothing range for bank comfort, a Youtube channel and even a BCAC Team. We came second Mainline in our first team event. We also believe in the future of our sport and met Lewis & Amber from a charity (Kids In Mind Angling Adventures). getting kids and family's at any ability and different backgrounds on the bank. 


2024 we will be helping the charity again with fundraising and hosting events. We also have a new bait range to be released as well as new content for Youtube and of course we have 3 teams participating in the BCAC hoping for glory!


Our dreams and adventures continue and we hope to keep making a difference in this busy industry. 


Big news for 2024 we will be offering fishing coaching lessons and tutorials from kids to adults, so keep following for updates!